Program Overview

The Digestive Clearing Diet is a five week program to help you identify and eliminate problem foods that cause digestive discomfort and replace those foods with a healthy diet.

The Plan

A simple to follow day-by-day guide with diet recommendations, foods to avoid and stress release exercises, including an easy to use food, mood and exercise tracker to keep track of all your progress.

Meals & Recipes

Dozens of delicious digestion friendly meals and recipes for a healthy diet, taken from Andrew’s book
Digestive Clearing Diet.

Success Stories

Andrew has helped thousands of patients suffering from digestive disorders. Andrew talks in detail how he helped these patients relieve their digestive disorders by using the Digestive Clearing Diet.

Explore our library of educational videos.

Digestive Clearing Diet – Life Changing

What is the Digestive Clearing Diet?

Crohn’s Disease Free for Thirty Years

Digestive Clearing Diet Success Story – Tara: Nervous Indigestion

Digestive Clearing Diet Interview with Andrew Gaeddert

Helping Digestive and Immune Patients with Diet Webinar

Andrew Gaeddert, RH, (Registered Herbalist, American Herbalist Guild) successfully treated himself for Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal disorder, with Chinese herbal medicine and herbal remedies. As a result, he launched a career with the purpose to spread the benefits of Chinese medicine and natural remedies to millions of Americans suffering from digestive disorders. In his professional practice, he has helped thousands of people with his Digestive Clearing Diet program. Mr. Gaeddert is also the author of Healing Digestive Disorders and Digestive Health NOW and founder of Health Concerns. He is involved with Citizens for Health, a national non-profit organization that protects health freedom for all Americans.  CLICK HERE to read more about Andrew’s background.